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Q&A with a Gilead House Mom

Name: Capri & Brooklyn Children: 3 year old daughter

Education Track:  Associates Degree in Business

Time  at Gilead House:  8 Months

How has Gilead House helped you? Gilead House has provided hope for my daughter and me. A safe environment for us to live in and rebuild our lives. They have given us a fresh start! They have helped us financially as well.

What have you learned since coming to Gilead House (from Life Skills or mentor)? While being here at Gilead House, we have learned to communicate better, have patience, and valuing our time.

What have you accomplished while at Gilead House - personally and/or educationally? While here at Gilead’s House, I have enrolled in college. My first semester I got a 3.58 GPA with A’s and B’s. I won a scholarship for school and an opportunity to write this article for the program’s newsletter.

What have you learned about yourself while at Gilead House? I have learned that everyone here is different from myself. I have learned to not feel discouraged and to go after my dreams and goals one day at a time. I have learned that there are so many resources available.

What are your plans/goals for the future? My plans are to find stability for my daughter and me. To be a better mother. I plan to finish college with an Associates Degree in Business, and one day, own my own restaurant. I love to cook, and I also enjoy making body scrubs. I know for sure I want to be a business owner. Was there a moment when everything changed for you? Everything changed for the better when I moved into this program. How has living at Gilead House affected your daughter? Brooklyn has become a social butterfly; she has become a blossoming flower.

How has your daughter changed since living at Gilead House? She is talking more and asks lots of questions.

Have your spiritual beliefs been affected by living at Gilead House? No, I still put God first!

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