Our Program

Established in 1999, Gilead House provides a stable home environment for low income, vulnerable, and often homeless single mothers and their children. Our 24-month program offers women the opportunity to learn vital skills in a supportive environment so our residents can make permanent changes in their life. The cultivation of self-esteem takes place in a home - not a shelter or institution.  It is there where the transformation from homelessness to self-reliance and a future filled with promise takes place.

Each resident brings about changes for herself and her family in a multi-tiered and multi-faceted infrastructure of relationships including a personal mentor, a case manager, life skills teachers, the other families, and a large base of volunteers who help create a learning and loving community. The main components of the program include a strong focus on education, family advocacy, mental health support, and mentoring and personal goal-setting. Through each of these avenues, the residents learn independence and self-sufficiency and make plans for life beyond transitional housing.

While at Gilead House, our residents receive:

Housing: the foundation. Providing residents a safe, sober, and stable living environment provides a safe harbor from which each can develop the skills and tools needed to succeed.

Community: the support. Providing case management on individual needs and incorporating relationship-building into each aspect of our program. 

Education: the opportunity.  Providing a path towards increased earning potential by supporting our residents in acquiring the education and skills need to function without assistance.

Mental Health: the healing. Providing the tools and skills needed to navigate the challenges of life and address the effects of traumatic experiences of the past.

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