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Client Intake

Who we are

  • Gilead House serves homeless single mothers and their children. It is a place of hope, healing, and life-changing transformation.

  • Gilead House does NOT provide emergency services.


Thank you for your inquiry!

Gilead House is joining the Marin County Coordinated Entry system for the future enrollment of mothers.

Potential candidates should call (415) 473-4663 for an assessment.

Each candidate will be evaluated by a trained community partner through the VI-SPDAT tool (Vulnerability Index and Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool), and if eligible, will enter the Marin County homeless system. 

We are a program that best serves homeless mothers with 1 or 2 children, who are ready to make changes in their lives through transparency, diligence, communication, and collaboration.

Gilead House moms must be committed to full-time education, and have a willingness to participate in program classes or opportunities.

Gilead House moms must all remain sober and clean during their tenure with us.

Requirements for all Gilead House residents

  • Must be a single mother with at least 50% custody of her children.

  • Must be at least 6 months clean and sober, and actively involved in the recovery community, if applicable.

  • Must participate in Life Skills classes throughout the week.

  • Must pass random monthly drug and alcohol tests.

  • Must be motivated to make life changes towards the goal of self-sufficiency.

Equal access to services policy

Gilead House does not discriminate. Beyond meeting the specified admission criteria, no person shall be denied services at Gilead House on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, or other unlawful bases.

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