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Mothers Matter Revisited

Each year, Gilead House celebrates moms at an event we call Mothers Matter. Mothers Matter is about celebrating the progress the moms at Gilead House are making to improve their lives, and the lives of the children.  It’s a chance to think about our own moms and the important role they play as teachers, nurturers, confidants, disciplinarians, and emotional anchors.  It’s about getting together with friends for an evening of fun.  And it’s about supporting the work Gilead House is doing to empower homeless moms on their path to self-sufficiency. 

In preparation for a great evening, plans were being made, food was being ordered, floral centerpieces were being designed, music was being rehearsed…  

And then along came COVID-19

Benjamin Franklin once said, “out of adversity comes opportunity.”  So rather than let the pandemic spoil our fun, we are taking Ben’s advice and re-envisioning Mothers Matter.   

And we think our re-envisioned Mothers Matter will be one of our best ever.  Why?  Because we have the freedom to come up with all kinds of safe and innovative ways to celebrate our moms.  For now, many of these will be virtual.  Maybe a bit later, some may be in person (socially distanced of course).  And in the late summer, who knows?  Some of these events have already been scheduled.  Some we are still working on and will announce as an event shortly - consider a few of these:

  • A Mac and Cheese Throw Down with the Kids.  Who doesn’t like mac and cheese. We’ll provide the meal kits, you provide the kids, and we’ll see who does a better job of making the perfect comfort food.

  • Join the Gilead House Race for Hope Challenge.  Ever dream about finishing a marathon.  Doesn’t matter what shape you are in, doesn’t matter what city, town, or state you are located; doesn’t matter if you walk or run.  Once you register for the Race for Hope Challenge, we’ll give you four weeks to finish a marathon - that’s like 6.5 miles per week or less than a mile a day.  If you would prefer a half-marathon or a 10K, you can do that as well.  Once you register, we'll send you a printed t-shirt and a race bib.  Then each time you walk or ran, you simply record how far you went and we’ll track your distance for you.  Once you finish your marathon, we will send you a finisher certificate and medal.

  • Gilead House Hot Ones:  Ever see Hot Ones on Youtube?  That’s where celebrities are interviewed while sampling ten hot wings, each progressively hotter than the last. Since everyone in the Gilead House community is a celebrity to us, join us for an evening of fun, surprises, and not wings.  How long will you last in the Gilead House Hot One challenge?   

Have an idea for an event you’d like us to do?  Please let us know.  Want to get involved in planning/putting on an event (pandemically appropriate of course), please let us know that as well.  Trust us when we say, no idea is too outlandish for consideration.


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