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Gilead House Stands United Against Racism

Gilead House stands in solidarity with the black community, and everyone's right to peacefully protest the pervasive structural racism in the United States.  The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, and Tony McDade, reflect a horrific legacy of systemic racism,racialinjustice, and senseless violence committed against African Americans. 

The vastracialdisparitiesin both homelessness and in the impacts of COVID-19 are also stark examples of this continued inequity.  Thesedisparitiesare perpetuated by structural racism throughout our society, including our criminal justice system, access to healthcare, education, employment, and economic opportunities.   Our own community ranks #1 out of California's 58 counties inracialdisparity; African Americans account for 17% of Marin’s homeless population, despite comprising only 2% of the county’s general population. 

We know thatracialinequity is one of several causes of homelessness. As part of Gilead House's mission to end homelessness in Marin, we re-commit ourselves to the goals of endingracialdisparitiesin the homeless sector, and to confronting structural racism within our community.  We pledge to prioritize our actions to ensure equity structure and training within our own organization, and will continue to collaborate closely with government, church, corporate and other community and social leaders advancing the efforts ofracialequity. 

In pivotal moments such as this, we must stand united in the fight againstracialinequity. We thank you for supporting our efforts and ask you to continue the conversation with us. 

Gilead House Staff and Board of Directors


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