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Fall Newsletter

Pumpkin Spice and everything Nice!

The Holidays are right around the corner headed this way at top speed! I want to personally thank everyone who contacted Gilead House to find out how to make the holidays special for our moms and kids. Thank you so much! Your generosity means everything to me because it does so much for the families we support.

The momentum of your generosity creates such an incredible, positive atmosphere. I truly appreciate it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite time of year as they bring me back to my happy childhood. I know my families at Gilead House are going to be so happy this holiday season; and it’s all because of you.

We are about to host our last event of 2021. I hope you can join us for fun, fellowship and an amazing meal with our “Give Thanks Box”. You can learn more about this amazing event further in the newsletter.

Our need for community support is more important now than ever before. I know we will continue to do great things because we have a community that believes in us more than ever. I want to personally thank the volunteers, alumni, donors and corporations who invested in our mission and the numerous others who help out our single moms and children every day. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all make such a huge difference. I am so thankful for your continued generosity and support.

Happy Holidays!

Carrie Scrimshire, Executive Director


Tiffany is a survivor. Before coming to Gilead House, Tiffany and her son were living in an abusive home. Despite the fearsome home life, she carried on trying to do it all—working full-time, attending school full-time, and caring for her son. As with all abusive relationships, it was never enough. Tiffany’s abuser hurt her physically and robbed her of dignity and self-respect. It took years before Tiffany decided that something must change.

“That was when I said, no more."

When Tiffany and her son left, they had nowhere to go. They lived out of their car and moved from shelter to shelter. They periodically slept on the couches and floors of friends and family. She was unable to afford housing due to the large debt she had accrued. Fortunately, she found Gilead House.

During her time at Gilead House, Tiffany and her son were able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing they had a warm bed to sleep in, a community that made them feel safe, and a brighter future ahead of them. Tiffany paid off debt, saved money, and regained her confidence. She changed the course of her career and found herself working for a local organization that cares for women with similar backgrounds of abuse as her.

“Even though the journey has been tough, I am working hard for my son and I will never give up.”

For a long time Tiffany shared with her case manager, mentor, and community that she longed to be able to buy a house for her and her son to settle into. After two year of hard work, patience and perseverance, she has done it! Tiffany was able to purchase an adorable three bedroom townhome in Sonoma County. An adorable 3 bedroom townhome. A dream come true!

“ I owe my life to Gilead House and to be honest, being at Gilead House for three years change my life for the better and I appreciate the program.”


Thank you for your generous heart and making a tangible and lasting difference for families in unsafe relationships.


If you have been to Gilead House lately, you may have seen our new reading nook that was thoughtfully organized and decorated by friend of Gilead House and Soroptomist member, Barbara Hurwick. Barabara is a retired elementary school teacher with an extensive background in education that led her to teach all around the world. She has dedicated her life to teaching kids to read and write. Barbara is now a tutor and reading specialist in Marin County.

Barbara’s relationship with the Novato chapter of the Soroptimist International, a global volunteer organization, led her to Gilead House. Knowing that the pandemic was especially hard on elementary learning, Barbara offered her expertise in setting up and organizing a peaceful reading area that makes finding age appropriate books easy and exciting for GH kids.

Thank you, Barbara. Seeing a mom reading to her family is a joy that can’t be beat.


Gilead House is blessed with so many wonderful donors and volunteers with such incredible gifts and passions. It's almost impossible to choose just one to share with you; but we know that you'll enjoy this story. We're excited to introduce you to Zamira Solari:

Zamira was raised by a young single mother. Her father was killed in an accident two weeks after her 2nd birthday, 2 weeks before his 22nd birthday, and her mom was only 20. Zamira’s mom was lucky enough to have siblings and grandparents that were able to step in and help raise her, but she knows that is not always the case for many single moms.

“If you don't have a support system in place or resources to rely on, it can be so easy to spiral into a really challenging place. Doing it on your own is heroic!”

Naturally, given her story, she found that an organization that focuses on supporting single mothers and children resonated in her heart. Over the years Zamira has given funds, signed up to provide meals for GH families, sent her daughters to babysit, and advocated for her company to support Gilead House as well. Most recently, Zamira, her husband, daughters, and mother, volunteered at the 4th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament. The tournament was held on September 25th, which happened to be the anniversary of her father's death and the day her mom became a single mother. Zamira thought it would be a lovely way to honor her mother's journey as a single mother; to come together as a family and support other single mothers in creating a better life for themselves.

We are so blown away by the story and legacy of Zamira, her mother Miriam, and the rest of the Solari family. Thank you for being a blessing to Gilead House!



The holiday season is up on us and there are many ways that you, your family, and your church can get involved! You make a donation in honor of your loved one, provide a holiday meal for our families, or spearhead a giving tree campaign at your church or Christmas party or something in between!

No matter how you choose to support Gilead House, you are helping Gilead House families have a safe, stable, and special Holiday Season.


Next Project Serve is next Saturday, November 6th from 10am -12pm! If you are interested in attending, please sign up online.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click the link to see our schedule. 2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like. 3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

*Please Note: NO Project Serve in December.

Thank you for supporting Gilead House with your time and efforts. We will keep you posted as more volunteer opportunities become available!


Gilead House is a large house that is home to many people, and like your home it has the same basic needs to keep it clean, organized, and running smoothly.

There are many needs to be continually met and we have listed those needs on Amazon. If you would like to help in this way, you can view the lists by clicking the button below to see our current needs.

THANK YOU for caring about our women and children and this ministry.

Did you know that we have a list of all our current needs on our website as well as items that we can and cannot accept? Click here to view our items needed.


Every dollar you give helps provide a safe shelter and the chance to start a new life for homeless moms and kids

Because of you, they’ll experience God’s love and healing.


We Need Your Support Today!

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