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A Statement from the Executive Director

Greetings Gilead House Supporters,

My name is Carrie Scrimshire and I am honored to be the new Executive Director of Gilead House in Novato! I look forward to this year and the many triumphs and successes we will create. Will there be challenges? Of course. Are we prepared to face them head on? Of course. Will we prevail and be the best we can be? Absolutely, 100 percent!

What matters most is each and every one of you who make this organization the amazing place where moms and kids feel loved and welcomed to have a brighter future because of our education, life skills and success-oriented programing. All of that is because of you and your support. Thank you! Thank you so much!

A little bit about me and how I became the Executive Director at Gilead House. I was the VP of Membership with the Novato Chamber for the last 4+ years. I’ve known about Gilead House and its incredible mission in the community for quite some time. When I heard the ED position was open I immediately applied. Education, ongoing learning, community growth and helping others be successful are my aspirations and what I am all about. I believe everyone deserves the tools to have a better life, more confidence and a huge support system. I’m truly thrilled to be here!

A random fun fact about me is I love connecting people together and creating incredible meals. Celebrating daily wins with friends and family over a great meal is inspiring for me.

I look forward to meeting you in the very near future. I look forward to sharing Gilead House’s vision for 2021 and I am so looking forward to helping more moms and children into our program to launch them into a better, more successful, faith based life.

It is my absolute privilege to be here with you. Thank you for being you.

Be safe and be well,

Carrie Scrimshire

Executive Director of Gilead House


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